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Conflict Resolution Tips for Human Resources

http://harmonystrategies.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/What-Human-Resources-Professionals-Need-to-Know-About-Conflict-Resolution-featured-on-Geeks-Geezers-Googlization-09-04-2019.mp3 Like this:Like Loading ...
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What I Learned at NYC-SHRM

Last Friday, I introduced Harmony Circles to a packed room of Human Resource professionals from all across New York City. I had been invited to speak at the NYC-SHRM conference, to introduce some key concepts ...
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The 3 Most Important Communication Skills for Business Leaders

As a Conflict & Communication Consultant, I am often asked my opinion on the most important skills that a manager needs, in order to inspire and lead effectively. Since each individual company and team will ...
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Podcast: Workplace Harmony Circles

How can we address conflict in a healthy, meaningful, and effective way? Kira Nurieli, a social-organizational psychologist and mediator, joins me on this episode of The TalentGrow Show to share her unique and transformative approach ...
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The Magic of Harmony Circles

I came upon the idea of Harmony Circles* by chance. I hadn’t expected Harmony Circles to take over my practice and become my passion-project. I thought it was just another hippie idea, the newest fad ...
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