Why work with the
Harmony Strategies Group?


Our Mission

The Harmony Strategies Group aims to provide the best quality, most engaging and targeted communication strategies and conflict management solutions, to improve business dynamics and sales, community leadership, education, and family interactions.

Who We Are

We are a cooperative of conflict management professionals who share a common passion for creating interpersonal breakthroughs. We believe that by properly navigating conflicts, we create radical shifts in perspective, innovate new strategies and products, and work more effectively and efficiently. As consultants, we are dedicated to creative forms of dispute resolution and believe that human potential is infinite. In particular, we enjoy helping clients become more self-aware and find creative solutions to their problems.

Our Team

Harmony Strategies is the dream-child of Kira Nurieli, a New York certified mediator with a Master of Arts degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University. Based on years of building relationships and meeting with fellow conflict management professionals, Kira created the Harmony Strategies Group as your go-to resource for experienced professionals who provide conflict management and communication dynamic solutions. 

The Harmony Strategies team is comprised of expert conflict management practitioners and mediators, who provide a unique palette of services, based on the concepts and skills behind mediation and conflict management. Our team is enriched with the vast experience and talents of the following consultants:

Stuart Baker, Lauren Fishel, Isar Mahanian, Jill Sarah Moscowitz, and Dara Rossi.

Whether you are seeking mediations, facilitated dialogue, coaching, or workshops, our team is here to help!

Our Clients

Our clients include government, corporate, non-profit, and educational institutions. We specialize in helping leaders with soft-skills management that de-escalate conflict and address issues before they erupt. Satisfied customers include:



Client Satisfaction

Nothing speaks to client satisfaction as much as their own words of appreciation. Here are some selected responses to our services:

We are honored to have Mr. Stuart Baker on our team, pioneer of "Conscious Cooperation" - his book can be ordered here: