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Culture & Diversity

At its core, embracing diversity is about cultural awareness and sensitivity. It is the ability to interact effectively with individuals of varying backgrounds, races, religions, genders, and more. It also lays the groundwork for productivity and healthy collaboration, through building trust and understanding, both internally and in client-facing interactions. Externally, cultural diversity allows businesses and organizations to effectively deliver products and services that meet the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of clients. Culturally competent businesses open new markets and networks and builds trust for client engagement and retention. Internally, businesses that embrace diversity and inclusion are more sensitive to inter-ethnic relations among their teams and foster continuous healthy dialogue that leads to innovation, motivation, and greater productivity.

Understanding one’s own cultural affiliations and assumptions can liberate us to better appreciate others as well. This workshop develops our cultural humility by introducing basic theories in anthropology and social psychology around cultural relativity and herd mentality. We explore our own identities with new eyes and connect with others in a new light, ultimately creating an atmosphere of true tolerance and respect.

Diversity & Culture includes:

  •    Awareness – being aware of your own cultural biases, assumptions, and beliefs about yourself and others.
  •    Respect – the ability to consider other cultures as equally valid and viable as your own.
  •    Humility – considering what others may experience and recognizing that yours is not the only perspective in the conversation.
  •    Open-Mindedness – an attitude of inquiry into what others may feel, believe, or experience.

Diversity and cultural awareness and sensitivity leads to greater innovation, higher profits, employee satisfaction, and trust with clients. It is a necessary set of skills for every leader or sales representative, in every market.

Who should attend?
Leaders, Managers, Team Members, Individual Contributors, and anyone who needs to interact, collaborate, and make decisions with others in order to achieve their goals.

Course delivery details
Available as a half- or full-day program both live and also virtual. Contact Harmony Strategies for details.

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