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Course description

Emotional Intelligence

Effective managers are those who have solid self-awareness and sensitivity to the emotional health of their teams. This workshop provides an overview of what Emotional IQ means, exercises to deepen self-awareness, and practical guidelines for connecting with your staff and teams.

Emotional IQ: How to Create a Workplace Culture of Sensitivity will guide managers to:

  • Explore emotional triggers and how they are expressed
  • Consider how emotional states are perceived by others
  • Balance individual emotional needs, while also being mindful and respectful of others’
  • Explore becoming a better listener
  • Clearly articulate thoughts when having a conversation
  • Cultivate a culture of mutual-respect and support

Participants in this Emotional IQ workshop come away with deeper understanding and sensitivity around how emotions play out in the workplace, along with practical skills to become more sensitive and resilient.

Who should attend?
Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations, Nonprofits, HigherEd, Schools
Potential partnership with HR/HCM offices, complement existing programs and help empower HR/HCM offices with this work
Any small group that is looking to raise social self-awareness and emotional management

Training content
Intention vs. Impact: unpacking how intention and impact don’t always align
Consciousness-raising exploring language and delivery of messages (tone, volume, speed, body language, etc.)
Reflection activity: first look inward, map yourself, set what you’d like others to respect (i.e. boundaries, triggers, or other sensitive topics)
Cultivating curiosity in a responsible, respectful manner when engaging with others through communication practices
“Multiple Truths” activity: honoring multiple perspectives and co-existing truths within experiences
Setting Standards through MOU for language & behavior

Certification / Credits
Participants will be able to/feel:
Confident and comfortable in exchanges with others when discussing sensitive topics
Builds consensus around what feels most comfortable for the group
Learn to manage own emotions while still allowing self to be emotional (emotional attunement & balance)
Work to increase emotional intelligence

Why Choose Harmony Strategies?

93% of participants report having learned relevant and impactful skills

100% of our trainers are conflict management professionals


We offer both virtual and live programing.

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