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Relationship conflicts and community disputes drain resources and trigger disappointment and depression. Our coaching and workshop solutions create healthy and open dialogue, empowering clients to maintain friendships, lessen sibling rivalry, ease parenting woes, and bring a sense of life satisfaction.

Community Harmony

Boards of directors, church and temple leaders, parent-teacher associations, and residence-life staff in colleges all volunteer their time and resources to help their communities reach greater heights. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is compromised when there is infighting or a lack of adequate management skills. Our services include workshops and coaching that can help these volunteer positions achieve their goals and lead their communities optimally. We help them address conflicts in early stages, coach them on inter-active listening skills, and guide groups and teams to greater mutual respect and understanding.

Groups we can help include:

Universities and colleges house hundreds of thousands of new students who are spending their first years away from home. Many of them encounter roommates for the first time. Some of them will feel lost and overwhelmed. The new situation often triggers anxieties and arguments between the students and can lessen their academic success and overall well-being. We offer peer-mediation trainings, diversity and inclusion programming, and conflict-management workshops that help residence life staff better address student problems and issues. With better training, the quality of life for all students is greatly increased and academic performance optimized

Temples and Churches have always played key roles in maintaining community services and offering hope, joy, and peace to their congregations. In order to best serve their members, religious leaders should be skilled at empathic listening and conflict management. From tending to marital problems to unemployment to health challenges, the myriad community issues can all benefit from leadership that is trained to handle a range of conflicts, large and small
Schools work best when conflicts between the parents and schools are addressed early-on. Parents and teachers can come together to learn negotiation skills that will help them focus on the common goal: the children's education. Harmony Strategies offers a range of workshops and retreats that will help bring parents and teachers together and guide them to better communication and ways to handle the many issues that arise during the school year
Non-profits serve an important purpose in American life, today. Varied interest groups develop organizations to voice their needs, help them face challenges, and bring together individuals to support each other in time of need. Those leaders who volunteer their time to run the non-profit events and day to day affairs face numerous challenges to get their job done. We offer workshops, retreats, and leadership coaching to those lay leaders who can benefit from better negotiation skills, and diversity and inclusion training. Likewise, we consult non-profits that are facing internal fighting and help teams and individuals that aren't getting along and compromising the integrity of the organization

Family Harmony

Family dynamics are often the most charged and emotionally-driven of all relationships. Harmony Strategies offers a variety of services to address these intense dynamics and empower individuals to find the outcomes that work best for them. From divorcing couples to parenting workshops, we help create a smoother transition during times growth, change, and challenges.

Our services include:

From pregnancy onwards, parenting is rife with conflicts and challenges. Colicky infants can push their parents to the edge, much the same as defiant teens. We offer a variety of public and private services to help parents and children alike. Sample workshops include developing solid discipline skills, mindfulness parenting, and how to maintain a strong relationship with teen and adult children
Often, individual or small groups of parents need targeted coaching to address specific needs and concerns. We offer one-on-one coaching for those who want to maintain privacy or small-group coaching for up to 8 individuals who have common goals and want to learn key skills while sharing their common growth and experiences, in a guided setting
Sometimes parents and children come to a head and cannot get past an intractable issue. We can meet with legal guardians, parents or step-parents of young, teen, or adult children to guide the negotiation, such that each side is heard and validated. With the help of this guided negotiation, all parties can get greater clarity on the issues and underlying needs, in order to get past the dispute and build a stronger relationship.
Whether a couple is considering divorce or has already made that decision, we can help develop a smoother transition to the new situation by guiding the parties to mutually-agreed upon decisions that are court-approved and binding. Rather than a litigious, expensive process, our divorce mediations build and/or maintain amicable, respectful relationships during and after the parting process. For those who are uncertain, we offer relationship coaching to address key concerns and issues, to see if the marriage can be maintained with better communication and listening skills
Adult siblings are just as susceptible to sibling-rivalry as small children. When wills and estates are disputed, many years of distrust, disrespect, and fractured relations come to a head. Often, the issues run deeper than the money or the asset, triggering a long history of pain and upset. Rather than waste time and money in drawn-out legal battles, we offer targeted mediation and coaching services, to settle the disputes, out of court
Sometimes sibling-rivalry gets out of hand and becomes a terrible strain on the family. We coach parents and offer child, teen, or adult-sibling mediation to address the issues on a deeper level and build a stronger communication and bond between the siblings

Note: all services are customized to meet individual client's needs. For more information and an overview of our services, visit our services page.



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