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Handling Difficult Conversations

Most of us see the crux of a difficult conversation as an outward-focused endeavor. But to be most effective in communicating something important to us, we must first look inside and find that which is most important to us. In this experiential workshop we will use physical, mental and emotional cues to help us gain clarity on issues impacting us. Then, we will discuss ways to prepare for and engage in difficult conversations with others — at home or in the workplace.

This Harmony Strategies program introduces and discusses concepts from Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication” as a base for understanding how to engage in sensitive and difficult conversations with poise, delicacy, and respect.

Why experience this training:

  • To become aware of your own triggers and touch-points
  • To understand critical components of communication dynamics
  • To develop deeper appreciation for the body-heart-mind connection as it affects your interpersonal dynamics
  • To tap into your underlying needs and interests
  • To increase confidence to engage and self-advocate
  • To create a road-map for improving engagement in difficult and sensitive conversations
  • And to prepare and ready yourself for difficult conversations!!

This course is especially helpful in conversations relating to Diversity & Inclusion and discussion of social and cultural identity.

Who should attend?

Who should experience this training:

  • Executives and supervisors
  • Community leaders
  • Decision makers in educational settings
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And more!

Course delivery details

Available in half- and full-day live and virtual formats. Contact Harmony Strategies for more information.

Why Choose Harmony Strategies?

93% of participants report having learned relevant and impactful skills

100% of our trainers are conflict management professionals


We offer both virtual and live programing.

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