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How does your company mitigate human capital risk?

Reduce the costs of human capital risk by managing them effectively.

Although effective talent is vital for business success, there are inherent risks that Human Capital poses, due to the unpredictable nature of our interactions. Teams can be poorly managed, collaboration efforts can fail, and disputes can go unaddressed and escalate into full-blown toxicity. These dynamics adversely impact an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives, goals, and mission. They put a corporation at risk of high turnover and inefficiency, leading to poor financial health and low morale. Conflicts that fester will place at risk a corporation’s financial health, reputation, operations, compliance with regulations, and overall sustainability.

Human Capital risk can manifest in a variety of ways and compromise your business. Our team of experts can help.

We assist in identifying and addressing:

Operational Risks
Risks arising from internal processes, systems, or procedures that may lead to inefficiencies, errors, failures, or disruptions in day-to-day operations, including supply chain disruptions, equipment failures, or human errors.
Compliance & Regulatory Risks

Risks related to non-compliance with industry standards, laws, ethical guidelines, policies, and related regulations and government mandates. Failure to follow regulations may lead to legal liabilities, fines, reputational damage, or other related penalties.

Policy Risks
Risks related to poor, weak, or ineffective policies and systems, especially those that define workplace behavior and professional decorum. Conduct policies include definitions of harassment, discrimination, and promotion and feedback systems.
Reputational Risks
Risks stemming from negative perceptions, public scrutiny, or stakeholder dissatisfaction, which may tarnish the organization’s reputation, erode trust, and lead to loss of customers, investors, or partners.
Social Risks
Risks associated with workplace dynamics, social issues, or corporate social responsibility concerns, such as community relations, employee welfare, or sustainability practices.

Human Capital risk management includes:

Effective risk management systems include individuals who liaise with senior leadership and assist with handling these risks early-on.

Our team of experts have a proven track record for engaging with senior management and shedding light on potential risks before they compromise larger systems within the corporation.

Our risk management options include:

Organizational Ombuds

Conflict Management Systems Design

Executive Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management Trainings & Consulting

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