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Unconscious Bias

We all rely on our perceptions and past experience to define our current attitudes and behaviors. But often we are unaware of the filters that exist in our minds and how these filters may work against our best interests. Unconscious bias affects our friendships and relationships, and they also play out in recruitment, promotions, performance evaluations, and even employee dismissals.

This program highlights how our minds play tricks on us to have different beliefs, perspectives and attitudes, when it comes to relating to issues and events. Through exercises and discussion, participants better understand that different perspectives are not by nature “wrong” or “right”. Moreover, listening to other people’s perspectives opens opportunities for growth, change, and cooperation. Participants in this training come out with better skills for facing identity-based and issue-based conflicts.

The benefits of Harmony Strategies Group’s Unconscious Bias training are:

  • Greater appreciation for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Deeper respect for alternative perspectives among teammates
  • Greater understanding on how our biases affect workplace disputes
  • Workplace respect and humility

This Understanding Unconscious Bias training will help you understand how the subconscious mind works and helps with practical methods of reframing the context into one that is more culturally sensitive and diverse.

Who should attend?

Leaders, Managers, Team Members, Individual Contributors, Anyone who needs to interact, collaborate, and make decisions with others in order to achieve their goals.

Why Choose Harmony Strategies?

93% of participants report having learned relevant and impactful skills

100% of our trainers are conflict management professionals


We offer both virtual and live programing.

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