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What You Need to Know About Unconscious BiasSchedule a Consultation

This program introduces and defines how our unconscious mind frames our reality and why bias exists as a mechanism for social stability, both at work and beyond. We take a behavioral economics approach to discuss how bias stymies creativity and leads to irrational perceptions and decisions. We specifically address how our unconscious mechanisms create our reality and can lead to poor or faulty choices. Participants come away with a shift in their understanding of what bias means and a radical awareness of how it plays out at work.

About the Instructor: Kira Nurieli

Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: Practices for Promoting Well-BeingSchedule a Consultation

Staying mindful on a daily basis is challenging in the best of times.  During a pandemic, it becomes even more difficult, yet more important. Join us to learn a few mindfulness strategies that you can use today to promote your well-being, and in turn, interact more meaningfully and productively with others.

About the Instructor: Dara Rossi.

Building Resilience Through CrisisSchedule a Consultation

This workshop introduces the concept of resilience and how it can be honed through crises. We first create a working definition and understanding of what resilience means and then discuss specific ways to build resilience during turbulent times. Participants will come away with an enhanced understanding of resilience and practical techniques for embracing it and fostering self-empowerment.

About the Instructor: Kira Nurieli

Sensitivity Amidst CrisisSchedule a Consultation

Sensitivity in Crisis lays the foundation for understanding how to be a more conscious communicator in high-stress situations. It utilizes components of emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, and conflict management to better navigate touch situations in the context of crisis. Learn how to balance your emotional needs and others’, identify potential “ouch” points, and how to authentically apologize when the heat of the moment gets the best of you.

About the Instructor: Lauren Fishel

Heart-Centered Support from AfarSchedule a Consultation

In this very difficult time that is having such far-reaching effects on our lives, students, teachers and administrators alike may be experiencing a lot of stress in different forms. Even though we cannot interact in person with students and colleagues, we can share impactful support from a distance. This program guides teachers and administrators through a practice of intentionally send loving support to students and colleagues, making use the capacities for human connection that we all possess.

About the Instructor: Stuart Baker

Difficult Conversations During Difficult TimesSchedule a Consultation

Most of us see the crux of a difficult conversation as an outward focused endeavor. But, to be most effective in communicating something important to us, we must first look inside and find what is it we are really wanting. In this experiential workshop we will use physical, mental and emotional cues to help us gain clarity on issues impacting us. Then, we will discuss ways to set up a conversation to be most effective.

About the Instructor: Jill Sarah Moscowitz