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Heart-Centered Support from AfarRegister Now

In this very difficult time that is having such far-reaching effects on our lives, students, teachers and administrators alike may be experiencing a lot of stress in different forms. Even though we cannot interact in person with students and colleagues, we can share impactful support from a distance. This program guides teachers and administrators through a practice of intentionally send loving support to students and colleagues, making use the capacities for human connection that we all possess.

About the Instructor:

Stuart Baker is a heart-centered strategic consultant with the Harmony Strategies Group. He makes use of all his experience in theconstruction industry, mediation and presenting, combined with years of spiritual pursuit, tooffer a unique and broad sensitivity in his consulting work. He loves helping people deepen theirharmony and connection with others, and with themselves.

Building Resilience Through CrisisRegister Now

This workshop introduces the concept of resilience and how it can be honed through crises. We first create a working definition and understanding of what resilience means and then discuss specific ways to build resilience during turbulent times. Participants will come away with an enhanced understanding of resilience and practical techniques for embracing it and fostering self-empowerment.

About the Instructor:

Kira Nurieli is the CEO of the Harmony Strategies Group and is an expert mediator, conflict coach, and restorative practices facilitator. She has spent upwards of twenty years helping clients handle conflict and improve communication strategies. She has a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor's degree in Comparative Performance from Barnard College. She especially enjoys helping individuals, teams, and lay-leaders become more impactful and empowered in their work.

Difficult Conversations During Difficult TimesRegister Now

Most of us see the crux of a difficult conversation as an outward focused endeavor. But, to be most effective in communicating something important to us, we must first look inside and find what is it we are really wanting. In this experiential workshop we will use physical, mental and emotional cues to help us gain clarity on issues impacting us. Then, we will discuss ways to set up a conversation to be most effective.

About the Instructor:

Jill Sarah Moscowitz is a Conflict & Strategy Consultant with the Harmony Strategies Group and has over twenty-five years’ experience helping government and nonprofit organizations build strong relationships and strong workplaces. By applying a variety of dispute resolution skills such as mediation, facilitation, and negotiation, she’s successfully resolved hundreds of disputes. Jill Sarah has worked with nonprofit boards and facilitated groups representing a diversity of ages, genders, religions, and ethnicities. She currently works as a mediator for the US Postal Service. In addition to her work as a mediator, Jill Sarah also teaches dance. She brings an embodied philosophy to her work and an embodied perspective to her teaching.

Mindfulness in Uncertain Times: Practices for Promoting Well-BeingRegister Now

Staying mindful on a daily basis is challenging in the best of times.  During a pandemic, it becomes even more difficult, yet more important. Join us to learn a few mindfulness strategies that you can use today to promote your well-being, and in turn, interact more meaningfully and productively with others.

About the Instructor:

Dara Rossi, Ph.D. is a Conflict & Strategy Consultant with the Harmony Strategies Group. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education and has worked with students from kindergarten through the university graduate level. Additionally, she has facilitated professional development for educators and administrators across all points on the education continuum. After10 years of service in the Department of Teaching and Learning Southern Methodist University, she launched her coaching and consulting business while continuing to serve as an adjunct professor. She holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, an MBA, an MA in Dispute Resolution, and an MAT in Education, and BS in Human Development.

Sensitivity Amidst CrisisRegister Now

Sensitivity in Crisis lays the foundation for understanding how to be a more conscious communicator in high-stress situations. It utilizes components of emotional intelligence, nonviolent communication, and conflict management to better navigate touch situations in the context of crisis. Learn how to balance your emotional needs and others’, identify potential “ouch” points, and how to authentically apologize when the heat of the moment gets the best of you.

About the Instructor:

Lauren Fishel, M.Sc. is a Conflict & Strategy Consultant with the Harmony Strategies Group. She specializes in conflict navigation, consensus building, social-emotional intelligence, and culture. Lauren has worked in higher education and consulted with various nonprofits and organizations on conflict, diversity and inclusion, social justice, and cultural change. She also serves as an adjunct professor of conflict analysis at Pace University and an associate for Columbia University’s Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Master’s of Science Program.