Hey, it’s Kira the Conflict Coach, with a 2-Minute Conflict Coaching Soundbite. Today I’m talking about one thing that you can do when you’re feeling very tense and stressed out, due to a lot of change or crisis going on in your life. See, oftentimes when there is a lot of change or you’re in a crisis mode, your body is very very tense you may be releasing dangerous hormones like cortisol and you also will start to ruminate and replay in your mind over and over all of the difficult things that are happening and that you’re facing.
So, what can you do about that?
What could you shift or change so that you can be more effective in handling what’s going on and not ruminating over what might happen and what went wrong?
What can you do to shift your energy and become more proactive?
Well, one thing that can be really, really helpful is pausing – taking a time out – and focusing on gratitude.
Now, believe it or not, this can be very difficult when you’re actually very stressed out and very tense. Focusing on gratitude just is the opposite of what your body and what your mind is
feeling… And that’s why it’s so important.
By shifting your focus into something – or some things – that you’re grateful for, that you’re glad about, your whole body will relax, and you’ll actually be able to think with more clarity, so that you can be more effective in handling the change or crisis in your midst.
So just think about it for a moment what it would look like if you could focus on gratitude.
What might change in your life??

Kira Nurieli is a certified mediator, conflict coach, workshop facilitator and consultant. She helps clients create breakthroughs in their workplace, classroom, family, and community dynamics.

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