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Harmony Strategies Group offers many services to grow and ensure workplace harmony so that all members can work together as team players. Our coaching, workshops, and conflict management offerings include everything from private executive and leadership coaching to workshops for up to 60 participants.

Coaching services include dedicated conversations to clarify client goals and develop action-plans to achieve them. We offer one-on-one as well as group coaching options for up to 8 individuals on a team. Coaching is priced based on hourly or daily consultative rates. For more information, **contact us**

Our workshop offerings include 2-hour mini-workshops as well as full-day programs. We always customize the workshop to suit specific client interests and needs. Below is a list of our popular workshops that can either be led individually or grouped together as a package:

Principles of Conflict

This program provides a basic introduction to conflict. Key definitions and explanations of how conflicts arise, escalate, and sometimes erupt aid participants in early detection and awareness. Participants are invited to explore their own attitudes towards conflict and resolution.

Power of Silence

This program focuses on how to be a patient and attentive listener. Developed around the idea that silence is a powerful and useful tool, participants consider scenarios where silence plays a key role. Silence allows the speaker to be heard and feel comfortable, and a skilled listener will use this tool to help the speaker open up with confidence. Silence also breeds compassion and empathy, essential for effective business, family and community relationships.

Power to Confront

This program develops practical skills that empower participants to confront when conflicts with others arise. Often, perceived conflict and social friction are crippling and emotionally draining. People become overwhelmed with fear and let the conflict fester and grow. This program empowers participants to face conflicts with confidence, rather than fear confrontation.

Schemas and Stereotypes

This program introduces the concept of schemas and how they frame our perception of infinite daily routines and patterns. It then develops how schemas lead to stereotypes, prejudice, and ultimately racism and racial profiling. Lively discussion and role-plays help develop sensitivity to the problems that schemas raise in modern society, followed by brainstorming remedies.

Perspective Taking

This program highlights how people of different backgrounds and cultures have different perspectives on issues and events. Through simulations and discussion, participants better understand that different perspectives are not by nature “wrong” but rather “new”. As such, listening to other people’s perspectives opens opportunities for growth, change, and cooperation. Participants in this seminar come out with better skills for facing identity-based and issue-based conflicts.

Group Dynamics

This program focuses on the individual within the group, and how groups behave. Emphasis is placed on teambuilding, motivation, and dealing with conflict and stressors. Participants learn about different personalities and how they effect the team, ultimately analyzing their own team and group behaviors and attitudes.

Community Mobilization

This program was developed in the wake of 9/11. Many hate-crimes ensued as a result of this tragedy. This seminar helps participants identify what motivates individuals and groups to act aggressively against others. In addition, the seminar helps participants brainstorm and develop practical options for preventing and responding to hate-crimes and other hate-induced incidents.

Stress Management

This workshop highlights activities that help individuals cope with the stress that builds up in their lives. Using both psychological and behavioral activities, the program gives participants practical skills in stress management. Ultimately, these skills help participants function more effectively in the rigorous world they face.

Note: all programs are customized to meet clients’ specific interests

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