Our new initiative: #2020Perspectivein2020

As we enter this new decade in 2020, the Harmony Strategies Group is excited to share a new initiative with our readers, followers, and clients: 20/20 Perspective in 2020! Each month this year, we will be publishing articles, quotes, video links around a specific theme or idea, for you to ponder and apply in your daily lives. We highlight specific themes and issues that typically arise during or affect conflict, along with tools for better communicating and handling the challenges. Our goal is to enrich your conflict management and communication skills, leading to more meaningful and harmonious interpersonal relationships. 

What is 20/20 Perspective in 2020?

More often than not, conflicts erupt and fester from lack of ability to “see” different perspectives. Our new initiative in 2020 is designed to help you observe conflicts and communication patterns with more clarity and understanding. You’ll be able to appreciate the different angles and approaches, so that you can make more powerful decisions, take more mindful action, and become more skilled as a negotiator for what’s important in your life.


Each of us on the HSG team brings many years of experience as Conflict Management professionals, enriching what HSG has to offer. We are collaborating on new articles this year, to help give clarity on your conflicts and miscommunications. These readings invite you to make more powerful choices at work, at home, or in your school. With richer perspective, you may consider approaches that had never occured to you or relate to people with new appreciation for who they are and how the conflict has evolved. The articles will help you broaden the lens through which you see others, so that you can better engage with them and create meaningful, lasting changes in your dynamics.


You can look forward to more video content on our YouTube channel, featuring Conflict Coaching soundbites and related tips. Our aim with these videos is to invite you to consider new perspectives on how you handle conflict. These 2-minute soundbites are quick and easy thoughts to reflect on, as you prepare for salary negotiations, difficult conversations with your spouse or your boss, disciplinary actions with your children, or even life-changing decisions. Our hope is that the videos will empower you with ways to engage that are beyond your default “comfort-zone” and lead to radical new opportunities.


Often, a simple quote or statement can go quite far in distilling a core message. HSG will be sharing meaningful quotes on social media, inviting readers to pause and reflect on their behavior, attitudes, opinions, and perceptions. You can print out these quotes, meditate on their message, and of course like and share with friends.

We hope you enjoy the content that we will be sharing. As always, if you’d like more direct, targeted intervention or assistance with your conflict, workplace culture, or communication dynamics, we are available and happy to help. Visit our website at: www.harmonystrategies.com or call (917) 410-0742.

Blessings for an incredible 2020!

Kira & The Harmony Strategies Group

Kira Nurieli is a certified mediator, conflict coach, workshop facilitator and consultant. She helps clients create breakthroughs in their workplace, classroom, family, and community dynamics.

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