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Conflict Management

Conflict management is a vital skill for all executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders. The ability to navigate disputes always reflects courageous, insightful, and caring leadership. Harmony Strategies Group offers this targeted full-day workshop to introduce the key elements of effective conflict management. We identify common key components involved in conflict, along with methods for handling it effectively, efficiently, and fairly.

Included in this training:

  • An overview of different conflict management systems
  • Consideration of collaborative v. competitive negotiation
  • The 5 Conflict Behaviors
  • The 3 Systems for Active-Engagement in Conflict

Leaders who are skilled at handling conflicts enhance learning and group outcomes, prevent disputes from festering, and address employee needs and concerns competently.

Conflict Management 101 provides a comprehensive introduction to conflict, including discussion of perceived threats and violent responses. We explore key definitions and explanations of how conflicts arise, escalate, and sometimes erupt, thus aiding participants in early detection and awareness of conflicts in their own lives. We then discuss ways and means of addressing conflict, including an array of socio-cultural mechanisms, such as the American legal system. Participants are invited to explore their own attitudes towards conflict and consider new ways of handling disputes in their lives.

Who should attend?

Leaders, Managers, Team Members, Individual Contributors, Anyone who needs to interact, collaborate, and make decisions with others in order to achieve their goals.

Why Choose Harmony Strategies?

93% of participants report having learned relevant and impactful skills

100% of our trainers are conflict management professionals


We offer both virtual and live programing.

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