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Organizational Effectiveness

At its core, talent development is about creating efficient, productive, and sustainable organizational practices, so that employees are engaged and effective at work. Talent development is about attracting, motivating, and retaining productive employees, in order to not only achieve organizational goals, but surpass them. By tapping into individual motivations, teams are more productive and individuals find fulfillment in their work.

Skill development and career advancement are very important to most individuals. As such, talent development is focused on how organizations provide learning and growth opportunities and tools for employees to advance their skills, competencies, and overall careers.

Harmony Strategies Group offers a comprehensive, targeted workshop that highlights methods of tapping into employee interests and skills. Workshop highlights include:

  • How to create Talent Development vision, values, and goals that support business objectives.
  • The importance of a Talent Development Methodology that defines how you attract, retain and build talent.
  • Ways of assessing competencies and strengths in the current talent pool, in order to match current talent with overall business vision and goals.
  • How to address talent gaps and weaknesses that will prevent long-term goal achievement.
  • Introducing the concept of “Talent Succession” and why it’s an important component of the overall Talent Development vision.
  • The interplay between recruitment, talent development, and diversity & inclusion measures.

Leaders and business professionals will come away with a clear path to develop their current talent and recruit appropriate new employees, in order to achieve their business objectives.

Who should attend?

Leaders, Managers, Team Members, Individual Contributors, Anyone who needs to interact, collaborate, and make decisions with others in order to achieve their goals.

Why Choose Harmony Strategies?

93% of participants report having learned relevant and impactful skills

100% of our trainers are conflict management professionals


We offer both virtual and live programing.

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