Focusing Inwards

One of the key traits of a strategic conflict expert — like an Ombuds, mediator, or conflict coach — is contrarian thinking. I specialize in noticing what my clients missed, considering alternative approaches, and bringing to light different perspectives. When a client says “she’s acting this way,” I immediately question “what if she could act that way?” or if a client feels helpless, I’ll invite them to consider where they may be overlooking a powerful network of colleagues. So it makes sense that in the middle of a pandemic, when everyone is feeling gloom-and-doom, a contrarian will ask “what is the opportunity that is being presented right […]

When Crisis Hits…

Hey, it’s Kira the Conflict Coach, with a 2-Minute Conflict Coaching Soundbite. Today I’m talking about one thing that you can do when you’re feeling very tense and stressed out, due to a lot of change or crisis going on in your life. See, oftentimes when there is a lot of change or you’re in a crisis mode, your body is very very tense you may be releasing dangerous hormones like cortisol and you also will start to ruminate and replay in your mind over and over all of the difficult things that are happening and that you’re facing. So, […]

Coronavirus & Conflict: When Anxiety Leads to Outbursts

For the past few weeks, and increasingly over the past few days, Mary Ellen* hasn’t been able to get much work done. She’s been irritable, edgy, and has a growing sense of panic. She can’t seem to focus — her mind is racing in ways that are uncomfortable. And the more she thinks about her lack of focus, the more anxious she gets. The last few days have been even worse. She’s been working from home, and her kids now have school closures. Her husband has been distant, not pitching in as much as she’d like — the house is […]

20/20 Perspective in 2020

Our new initiative: #2020Perspectivein2020 As we enter this new decade in 2020, the Harmony Strategies Group is excited to share a new initiative with our readers, followers, and clients: 20/20 Perspective in 2020! Each month this year, we will be publishing articles, quotes, video links around a specific theme or idea, for you to ponder and apply in your daily lives. We highlight specific themes and issues that typically arise during or affect conflict, along with tools for better communicating and handling the challenges. Our goal is to enrich your conflict management and communication skills, leading to more meaningful and […]

The Secret to Networking (That Gets Results!)

I recently attended a business networking event at which there was a palpable common thread: Nobody wanted to be there. I heard things like, “I hate networking events, but I figured I’d give it a shot,” and “I know this is how I’m supposed to market myself, so it’s a necessary evil.” One woman was an introvert and felt uncomfortable in crowds. Another expressed that she was exhausted at the end of a long day. So if no one wanted to be there, why did they come? Is it really the right way to get ahead? What do we get […]

Conflict Coaching for Breakthroughs

I love drama. When I was a child, I dreamt of being an actress – and I pursued that line until I found another way of engaging my flair and passion for drama: as a conflict and communication strategist. I tell friends that every time I mediate, it’s like Judge Judy meets Geraldo – I’m just waiting for somebody to pick up on this for a reality tv show. I’ve been in the room where people are suing each other essentially because one stopped sleeping with the other. I’ve seen divorced parents dispute who should pay their child’s medical expenses, […]