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Month: February 2022

Unconscious Bias

We all rely on our perceptions and past experience to define our current attitudes and behaviors. But often we are unaware of the filters that exist in our minds and how these filters may work against our best interests. Unconscious bias affects our friendships and relationships, and they also play out in recruitment, promotions, performance …

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Stress Management

Stress can be a driver for incredibly innovative and beneficial action, when handled and managed appropriately. In this workshop, we introduce activities that help individuals cope with the stress that builds up in their lives. Using both psychological and behavioral activities, the program gives participants practical skills in stress management. Ultimately, these skills help participants …

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Culture & Diversity

At its core, embracing diversity is about cultural awareness and sensitivity. It is the ability to interact effectively with individuals of varying backgrounds, races, religions, genders, and more. It also lays the groundwork for productivity and healthy collaboration, through building trust and understanding, both internally and in client-facing interactions. Externally, cultural diversity allows businesses and …

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Difficult Personalities & Tough Attitudes

Workplace divisions cripple productivity and innovation. Group dynamics are tricky and teams fall apart. Fewer tensions mean greater productivity, healthy innovation, and satisfied employees and customers. Harmony Strategies Group offers consulting and professional development solutions to grow and ensure workplace harmony. Our coaching, consulting, workshops, and Circle processes tackle everything from individual to public forums …

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Listening Skills

Conflicts often erupt and drag on due to incomplete, incorrect, or general miscommunication. A key element that leads to intensified conflict is the lack of proper listening skills. Whether you are a manager, CEO, or team-leader, strong listening skills are at the core of developing and growing your business. Strong Listening Skills leads to: Better …

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Team Building

Much of the business world and conventional wisdom promote a model of life as a competition of winners and losers. According to that model, you protect and try to elevate yourself, in an exclusive ego-focused way. Such an atmosphere stifles effective collaboration and creativity and wastes time and money. Even well-meaning groups can spin their …

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Sensitivity Training

Workplace sensitivity starts with mindset, perception, and healthy communication. Sensitivity leads to a Culture of Care and empowers teams to collaborate in a safe and supportive environment. Our Sensitivity Training program starts with a basic overview of what sensitivity means and what is included in sensitive dynamics. We discuss how we may unwittingly offend others, …

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Crisis Management

How does an organization integrate healthy shifts in the middle of a pandemic? How can leadership tap into employee social-emotional needs, while there is so much social unrest in the larger context? What are key practices to convey support and resilience to demoralized or frightened teams? This course helps leaders with the social-emotional skills that …

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Negotiation Strategies

Many managers, especially women and minorities, feel naturally conflict-averse and assume they must either dominate a negotiation or be seen as a passive and ineffective leader. This can be especially challenging when tasked with implementing new protocols and procedures. But negotiation doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable, awkward, or difficult. It also doesn’t need to be a …

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Conflict Management

Conflict management is a vital skill for all executives, managers, supervisors, and team leaders. The ability to navigate disputes always reflects courageous, insightful, and caring leadership. Harmony Strategies Group offers this targeted full-day workshop to introduce the key elements of effective conflict management. We identify common key components involved in conflict, along with methods for …

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